MicroStrategy made over $300 million with Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, one of the first companies to invest in Bitcoin, has generated over $300 million in revenue from BTC.

One of the most important news for the crypto world in recent months was the purchase of large quantities of Bitcoin by the company MicroStrategy. This was the first time that a traditional company decided to trust The News Spy as a method to protect the value of its capital. A bet that has been beneficial for the company, as MicroStrategy won over $300 million thanks to Bitcoin as was clear in the Tweet of the Day:

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MicroStrategy Wins Big with Bitcoin

Bitcoin finally stopped being the marginal asset it was in the past. In recent years, the cryptomoney created by Satoshi Nakamoto has begun to be recognized in global markets as a financial asset to be reckoned with. It has led to companies and institutional investors around the world beginning to pay attention to virtual currency.

This has led to traditional companies such as MicroStrategy, a company dedicated to providing business intelligence software. They decided to acquire Bitcoin as a way to invest their capital and protect the value of their capital against the vagaries of the international financial market.

Thus, in August of this year, MicroStrategy announced a $250 million investment in Bitcoin, which soon grew to a total of $475 million in BTC. A decision that in a matter of months has provided the company with immense profits. The company now has around $781 million in BTC, a 69% increase.

„MicroStrategy began buying what would eventually be its total aggregate of Bitcoin, worth $475,000,000 at the time of the acquisition. Bitcoin is now worth 69% more. The company’s holdings in Bitcoin are currently worth $781,114,169.

Thus, MicroStrategy would be the best example of the benefits that can be obtained by companies that bet early on Bitcoin. By rapidly increasing their wealth, and by positioning themselves ahead of future developments in the price of BTC.