A large ‚whale‘ moves 101,857 Bitcoins to unknown addresses

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Juli 2020

A user moved more than a billion dollars in a single transaction by paying less than 2 reais for the transfer.

Thus, recently, an unknown address, which is not associated to any exchange, moved 101,857 BTC.


Although users indicated that the address would be that of BitGo, the company denied the information.

The transaction moved the more than 100,000 Bitcoins to two other, equally unknown addresses.

However, while one address received 5,000 BTCs, the other received 96,857 BTCs.

Therefore, this second address is the second largest Bitcoin wallet, according to BitInfoCharts.

Therefore, at the time of writing this article, it is only behind Huobi’s cold wallet.

Who owns these Bitcoins?

As soon as the transaction was made, speculation about the possible owner of the Bitcoins began to appear.

The Bitcoin whale population is approaching the levels recorded during September 2017
Users speculated that it would be Hal Finney’s family, the Winklevoss brothers and even the PlusToken financial pyramid.

But no one assumed ownership of the Bitcoins.

The companies that offer exchange and custody services also did not assume ownership of the Bitcoins.

However, although the mysterious billionaire remains unknown, Bitcoin Champion data reveals that the portfolio is not old and was „created“ on April 1 of this year. – through a rather similar multi-million dollar transaction.

43 thousand Bitcoins

Recently in another multi-million dollar transaction an unknown user moved 43935.33116972 Bitcoins.

However, although the multi-million dollar transaction attracts attention, it is small in comparison to a recent transaction.

In the even bigger move, an unknown merchant moved more than 132,255 BTC – approximately $1.3 billion – in three transactions within a minute of each other.

Experts say the transaction would be for Coinbase to move funds into its custody portfolio.

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